Barbara LernerDear Colleagues,

The March Newsletter announced an election for new officers of the UAFP. This follow-up is to let you know that I will not be running for re-election. After serving in a leadership position since the union was founded in 2005, this is not an easy decision.

Every leader starts with a vision. At the beginning mine was to put the union on a firm financial base. That required an efficient and reasonable method of collecting dues and stringent economy in spending. Next I hoped to develop a strong, professional organizational base.

Our first act was to hire an attorney. This gave us a little equity at the bargaining table where Pace had its own in-house attorneys plus two outside attorneys. We reviewed our contract and our procedures to assure that we met all legal standards. Then we established an office where we could centralize all our files and meet with members. Finally we worked to computerize all our records and to systematize our expenses.

We are now at a point where these goals have been largely accomplished, although we still struggle. I look with pride on the:

  • Contracts that have given Pace Adjuncts guaranteed raises, merit raises, benefits, a grievance procedure and a reimbursement program for Medical insurance premiums that existed until this year;
  • Office at 139 Fulton Street;
  • Scholarship Support Fund, in partnership with Pace;
  • Renovated Faculty Room;
  • Teaching Excellence Award, in partnership with Pace;
  • Victories for people who filed grievances.

But I know that this was not all my doing. It was a team effort. I will miss the camaraderie of our Executive Board and the many members who have stepped up to assume responsibility for all the tasks that arise during the year, whether it be serving on the contract committee, reviewing our Financial Report or attending meetings and providing input.

But I believe the time has come for new leadership, for a different vision. And so I enthusiastically endorse my Executive Board partners Bill Quinlan for President, Nathifa Lewis for Treasurer and Elliott Hearst for Secretary.

Thank you for all your support through the years. I will continue to be active and to support our new officers in whatever way they think will be helpful.

Please remember to vote. I hope it will be for Bill Quinlan, Nathifa Lewis and Elliot Hearst. If you are an agency fee payer – and so, not yet an official UAFP member – I strongly encourage you to join so that you will be eligible to vote. Click HERE for a membership form.

In Solidarity,

Barbara Lerner
President, UAFP (Union of Adjunct Faculty at Pace)