Thank you to all the Adjunct faculty and Part Time Instructors who attended our meeting concerning the ratification of our new contact. While we were a bit disappointed that attendance was low, we appreciate all questions raised to date whether in person or via phone or email.

The negotiation team and our attorney worked many hours over the course of many months to negotiate a contract that it believes is the best that could be achieved for the members of the union at this moment in time. As you may know this team was selected though a process that was open to all bargaining unit members. They were entrusted with the duty to negotiate a contract that was superior to previous ones and as you see from the term sheet, have come through.  If anyone has questions about these new terms, do not hesitate to contact us.  What we need now is your help to ratify this agreement.

The failure to ratify this contract does not mean that Pace University returns to the table to offer better terms.  They have no legal obligation to do so.  Management would have the choice to keep your current terms the same or even implement terms on its own.  The bargaining unit would have to decide whether or not to strike to get improved terms.  A new bargaining team, strategy and lawyer could not accomplish this result.  Nor should such an approach be contemplated.  What is being presented to the bargaining unit is unqualifiedly recommended by the bargaining team for ratification.

There are always those who criticize and point out their belief that terms could be better.  However, these individuals most often work out of their own self-interest and have ulterior motivation guiding their actions, rather than an interest in the collective good.

At this time please read the contract in its entirety and do not hesitate to reach out for any clarifications. Do not however allow others to make up your minds based on their own personal needs. The Voting Survey has been opened early for your convenience, but will remain open until August 15 in according with our By Laws.

Vote YES to the contract, and let us start our new school year with our raises, our sick pay, our increased credit maximums and more. Then and only then we should we focus on improving other areas of the UAFP.

We cannot do it without you. Encourage your colleagues in Pleasantville to come out on Thursday and let’s get this done together.

In solidarity,
The UAFP Executive and Negotiations Team