NEW UAFP CONTRACT AGREEMENT 2018-2021 The UAFP is pleased to advise its membership that it has reached a collective bargaining agreement with Pace University. The new terms of the agreement are contained in the redlined draft, which you can read by clicking HERE. A brief description of the main terms can be found by clicking HERE. [...]

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Unemployment Insurance

Adjunct faculty may be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits during breaks when they are not teaching and not earning any wages. However, adjunct faculty who have “reasonable assurance” of continued employment after the break are not eligible for benefits. For example, if you teach a course during the fall semester that runs from September to [...]

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Submit Paid Family Leave Opt-out Form

All adjuncts should be aware that the new New York State Paid Family Leave Act (PFL) allows employers to deduct contributions from employee paychecks whether or not those employees are eligible for this benefit. By virtue of the number of hours worked, adjuncts will not be eligible. However, contributions will be deducted from your paycheck unless you submit an Opt-out Form, which you [...]

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