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Run for Office

For complete information on running for an office on the UAFP Executive Council (or board), please refer to the Officers & Elections page. (Click here.)

Become a Department or Campus Rep

The Executive Council may appoint, for a term of one (1) year, a Department or Campus Representative from the union members of each department or equivalent unit. Reps are the union liaisons for adjunct faculty in their departments (or campuses) and lobby on their behalf. They should attend all regular Executive Council meetings, where they may speak in all debates, but not vote (unless they are also officers of the Executive Council).

Other Department/Campus Rep duties include:

  • keeping membership lists of their departments/campuses;
  • being point of first contact for adjunct faculty in their department/campus with grievance issues;
  • maintaining contact with the Grievance Committee concerning any grievances;
  • communicating with the Executive Council about adjunct faculty concerns and ideas.

Become a Manager

Grievance Manager: Supervises and reviews the administration of grievance policies, procedures, and litigation arising from grievances; advises the Executive Council on the disposition of grievances that have not gone to arbitration; and stays in contact with Department Representatives and the general membership on each campus. Stipend: $5,000.00 per year.

Communications Manager: Makes publications and engages in public relations on behalf of the Union, maintains the Union’s website, and oversees electronic and posted communications. Stipend: $5,000.00 per year.

Join a Committee

Members and chairpersons of all committees are appointed by a majority vote of the Executive Council. Terms of office for chairpersons and members of standing committees are three (3) years starting at time of appointment and commencing at the first Executive Council meeting after spring term.

Negotiations Committee: Develops proposals for contract negotiations and negotiates agreements with Pace University covering the terms and conditions of employment for all those represented by the UAFP. Contract proposals are presented to the Executive Council for approval.

Membership Committee: Prepares policy recommendations for the Executive Council regarding membership development, growth, and expansion programs, and helps execute membership policies.

Elections Committee: Conducts the Executive Council election and all other elections delegated to it. Elections Committee members cannot run for office in any election their committee conducts.

Ad Hoc Committees: The Executive Council appoints ad hoc committees as necessary which will be dissolved upon completion of their appointed tasks.

Only UAFP members may run for office and serve on committees. To express interest in becoming a Department or Campus Rep, Manager or Committee member, please click here to contact the UAFP President.

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