Here is a copy of Dean Herrman’s letter on evaluation:
This memo is to apprise you of the evaluation process for adjunct faculty in Dyson College, per the recently approved Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).
    The evaluation is based on the new evaluation form developed as part of the CBA process, which is attached hereto. All adjunct faculty are to be reviewed annually by his/her chairperson using this form. The results of the evaluation should be discussed with the adjunct if requested. Each adjunct will receive a copy of his/her evaluation. The Department will forward the evaluation form including the merit rating to the Dean’s Office no later than end of May.
    Furthermore, as noted in the CBA, “Newly hired adjunct faculty members teaching the Fall and/or Spring semesters shall receive a minimum of two (2) in-class peer observations within the first four (4) semesters of teaching in a Department unless they are retired Pace full-time faculty teaching in the same Department from which they retired… In subsequent semesters, the Chair may require an in-class peer observation. Adjunct faculty may also request an in-class peer observation in subsequent semesters and the University will attempt to accommodate such requests…”
    Please note that adjuncts should provide their Department with appropriate materials to inform the assessment, including their syllabi, samples of assignments and graded student work. Other information pertaining to the adjunct’s instructional activities and relevant to the evaluation is also invited in support of the evaluation process.
    If you have any questions concerning the review process, please contact Suzanne Roberts.
Download the Evaluation Document by clicking HERE.