The Union of Adjunct Faculty at Pace (UAFP) has received additional information from Pace University with regard to online teaching certification training. Although additional dates have not yet been set to follow this month’s training for Summer 1 and 2 sessions, it is expected that the Center for Teaching will offer some form of its online teaching certification training throughout the summer for those teaching in the fall who do not have online teaching experience prior to March 2020. Dates and details will be announced by Pace University by e-mail, or you can contact the center.

UAFP is not providing any training. UAFP strongly recommends that adjunct faculty and part-time instructors who do not have online teaching experience take the training offered by Pace this summer so they can be ready to teach in the fall. Adjuncts and part-time instructors who have prior online teaching experience have the option to request a training exemption by emailing the Faculty Center at [email protected]

A notice was sent yesterday, May 14, to all faculty by Pace Human Resources VP, Matt Rena. The full notice is available at THIS LINK.