May 14, 2020
Dear adjunct faculty and part-time instructors,

On March 11, as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic and to keep the Pace Community safe, Pace announced that all instruction would move to remote learning. Shortly thereafter, in compliance with Governor Cuomo’s on PAUSE executive order, the University implemented social distancing measures on all campuses. It has been an amazing undertaking and we are all proud of the hard work and dedication that our adjuncts and instructors have done to support our students during this transition. We know it wasn’t easy and we are extremely grateful for all that you have done.

The administration and the UAFP leadership team have been in constant communication throughout this crisis, working together to address current and future challenges. One of the challenges we and all other higher educational institutions face is the need to ensure that high quality instruction is continued in a remote/online environment. To support these efforts, Pace is requiring that all full-time and adjunct faculty assigned to teach courses have been certified in online teaching. This requirement includes part-time instructors as well. To support you, Pace’s Faculty Center is offering a free certification workshop, Teaching Effectively Online, which focuses on online pedagogy, and can be taken at your convenience by September 1. The certification workshop will require approximately 10 hours of your time, across a three-day sequence. It is structured asynchronously to accommodate scheduling. Free teaching and working remotely technical training is also available for faculty via webinar. If you have already completed the Teaching Effectively Online workshop or have previously taught fully online courses, you may apply for an exemption by emailing the Faculty Center at [email protected].   

The next offerings of the workshop and a registration link are below: 
Tuesday, May 19–Thursday, May 21
Tuesday, May 26–Thursday, May 28 

Please click here to register for the Summer Faculty Online Teaching Workshop (May 2020).

While no adjunct faculty member or instructor will be compelled to take the training or teach an online course, all faculty and instructors must obtain certification or an approved exemption in order to be eligible for course assignments commencing with the Fall semester. We all must be prepared to continue to deliver quality online education should it be necessary to address the current emergency, re-occurrences, and similar emergencies that might arise in the future.  

In consideration of the emergency circumstances that we are facing together, the UAFP and the University have joined together in an agreement for all eligible* UAFP bargaining unit adjuncts and part-time instructors to receive a 2.5% across the board merit increase on September 1, 2020. In exchange, the UAFP has agreed to waive any claims arising from bargaining unit members’ remote delivery of courses during the Spring semester, as well as claims for training and online course conversion fees and additional course credits that otherwise might be applicable under the CBA, through September 1, 2020.

In addition to the 2.5% across the board merit increase effective September 1, 2020, adjuncts and instructors may see an additional increase in their per credit rate or hourly rate as previously bargained enhanced minimums become effective.

Evaluations will be conducted to the extent reasonably practicable on our standard schedule, taking into account that this has been a challenging semester for all.

Please check your Pace email** frequently for additional information about this training requirement and to keep up to date on all of our announcements. In addition, please try to frequently visit the University’s Coronavirus recent communications page where all previous and current University COVID-19 related communications are posted.

We are very grateful for the patience, creativity, and resilience you have shown in responding to this crisis, and for your continued commitment to our University and the education of our students. Please accept our best wishes for a successful end to the semester, and that you and your loved ones remain healthy and safe.
Best wishes,
Matt Renna, Vice President, Human Resources
Pace University
Bernadette Baumann Senior Director, Employee and Labor Relations/Title IX Investigator
* Please refer to the CBA for eligibility.** Under the current Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), your Pace email is the official email account for communications from the University
CC: Union of Adjunct Professors at Pace Leadership