Earlier this month, the Union of Adjunct Faculty at Pace (UAFP) entered into an agreement with Pace University (Pace) through which Pace agreed to pay adjunct faculty on September 1, 2020 a full 2 ½ percent across the board increase. Prior to the agreement, the UAFP collective bargaining agreement provided that a portion of the 2 ½ percent increase (one third) would only be awarded to adjunct faculty who demonstrated merit. With respect to the September 1, 2020 compensation increase, now all faculty receive the full increase as a result of the extraordinary efforts they have made to convert their courses to on-line platforms. 

In exchange for the full across the board increase, the UAFP has agreed that training in on-line course delivery will not be subject to a separate payment under the collective bargaining agreement through September 1, 2020.  The UAFP believes that an across the board wage increase that rolls over to subsequent years is more valuable in the long run than a single payment not tied to wages. As of September 1, 2020, the terms of the remote learning section (Article XXII) of the collective bargaining will resume and any adjunct faculty member who receives training in on-line course delivery will be entitled to payment in accordance with that article.

It was the UAFP’s intention to issue a joint statement with Pace University to announce this agreement. Unfortunately, Pace has taken the position that adjunct faculty who have not received the training will not be eligible for course assignments commencing with the Fall Semester and onward. The UAFP does not agree with Pace’s position and believes it is contrary to our collective bargaining agreement’s prohibition against requiring adjunct faculty to undertake distance learning responsibilities.  

The UAFP intends to assert its members’ rights under the collective bargaining agreement with respect to on-line course instruction regarding the fall 2020 semester and all subsequent semesters. The UAFP, however, strongly encourages all adjunct faculty to take the training offered by Pace and receive on-line certification. Certification will also be provided to adjunct faculty who have previously completed training offered by Pace or have prior on-line teaching experience.     

Your Union representatives will keep you abreast of this situation and will protect your rights under our collective bargaining agreement with Pace. Should you have any questions about this do not hesitate to contact us.

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